This Wasn't Meant To Be No Sad Song

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Celtic Thunder Fandom. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone know what happened? I’m in shock right now and need some answers!

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Wow. Never heard this song but I now love it. The message, the singer, everything.

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Songs like this remind me how much I love Celtic Thunder.

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The open roads got much to offer, the open roads for me
— Keith Harkin ‐ Take It Away Boys

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Does anyone know who wrote The Island? Keith sings it in Take Me Home. I can’t find it out and it’s been really bothering me. Anyone know?

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For southern—hospitality and for anyone else out there who hasn’t seen it yet.

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Was feeling really stressed and I just put on Keith Harkin’s album and am now relaxing.

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This song is on repeat at the moment.

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So the armchair pass said that it would be ready for download on the 8th of December. I’ve been checking my email every 5 minutes but still no download link. Anyone else had this or am I misunderstanding and its coming out later?

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I caved and bought the armchair pass for the Celtic Thunder Benefit concert. And I really shouldn’t have because I need to save my money to start paying off my loans, but feck it. It’s Celtic Thunder.

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Through asking for Celtic Thunder merch for Christmas, I have gotten my friend and her brother into Celtic Thunder. I feel very accomplished right now and so glad that more people are listening to them, even if it is just one or two.

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Conversations With Keith Harkin →

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